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Tom Venuto - 30 Day Growth Spurt Program!

Tom Venuto,
author of the wildly popular #1 best seller, >Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle gives
you his "30 Day Growth Spurt

  • 3 things you
    MUST do to "prime yourself" for a 30 day growth spurt that
    could give you TWICE the normal natural rate of muscle
  • Why protein is NOT the #1 key to gaining
    muscle mass, and what you must focus on instead
  • Precision formulas to determine your
    exact calorie intake for gaining mass (Most people simply
    aren't eating enough to gain mass!)
  • The one thing that is INFINITELY more
    important than protein, carbohydrate and fat ratios...
    40-30-30, 40-40-20, whatever... it just doesn't matter
    unless you get this right
  • Why your testosterone will bottom out If
    THIS is too low in your diet (and
    a deficiency in this affects your sex life, too)
  • The best way to "cash in" on the post
    workout window of opportunity... and why the advice you get
    from magazines and supplement companies about post workout
    nutrition is not always in your best interest
  • The 30 day growth spurt calendar: All
    your workouts are already planned out for you day by day

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