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Learn How To Burn More Fat And Build More Muscle In The Next 60 Days
Than Most People Do In 6 Months!

8 Of The World's Top Personal Fitness Trainers
From The US, Canada, And Australia
Were Assigned ONE MISSION...

Reveal Their "Secret Weapon" Training Tactics That Will Show YOU STEP-BY-STEP How To BURN MORE FAT And BUILD MORE MUSCLE In The Next 60 Days...Than You Did All LAST YEAR!

Brand new bonus: When you purchase AtoZfitness Total Body Makeover you will also receive the 12 Chapters from our retired All Star Trainer Secrets E-book Absolutly FREE. 
This gives you 8 Makeover Writer chapters + 12 All Star for a total of 20 of the greatest internet trainers programs.

See individual chapter details below in the bonus section.


From: Lewis Wolk
President, A To Z Fitness.Com

Dear Friend, 

You already know how hard it is to find a training and nutritional program that will not only fit your body type...your busy schedule...heck, even your PAYCHECK!

I mean, you've probably tried at least ONE "off-the-shelf" fitness program that put you through the wringer with making change-after-change to your lifestyle...only to end up "not quite fitting" with what you felt you could commit to, am I right?

So where can the "Average Joe or Jane" go to get REAL advice on how to develop a killer "body transforming" fitness plan?

I mean, not many people have the privilege (or the budget) to work with world class trainers in their private studios, right?

This is where most people end up getting stuck searching for information from their gym buddies and the magazines (the absolute WORST places to get your info!)

Sound familiar?  Well, you're not alone!

In fact, it's hard enough finding ONE Fitness Program
That Can Fit Your Needs, Right?!

Ahhh...But THAT'S Why I'm About To Give You EIGHT!

Here's what I mean...

A small group of personal trainers and strength coaches from Australia, the United States and Canada have just released the exact workout routines and diet programs they use to produce remarkable transformations for their private clients, all rolled up in one single e-book.

I've just negotiated and obtained the exclusive rights to allow you to preview and test these systems yourself with absolutely no risk or obligation, to see just how much you can transform your body using one of these programs. 

But you're probably thinking that your "cursed" genetics are going to once again sabotage your ability to burn fat or gain muscle, right?

You might even be thinking that it's unreasonable to expect quick changes in your body?  I'm right again, aren't I?

Well I don't blame you at all. With all the advertising hype you see these days, you OUGHT TO  be sceptical.

But I'm here to tell you that body transformations are not rare aberrations only seen in genetic-freak, "cyborg-like" elite athletes. For the lucky few that have been invited into the private studios of these fitness experts, rapid transformation is the norm - regardless of age, sex, heredity, athletic background, experience, or previous results.

Because these trainers have agreed to reveal their "secret weapon" diet and training tactics inside this brand new e-book I'm about to show you, you can now enjoy the same type of results  working out by yourself in your own gym (or even in your own home). There is at least one program suitable for YOU and probably a lot more too!

Incredible "Before & After Makeovers" ARE Possible...

IF You Possess The Scientifically Proven
"Body Changing" Programs You're About To Discover!

There are a few conditions you have to meet to make rapid transformations possible in the first place:

First, your body must be "structurally," "hormonally" and "metabolically" primed before you start your program, or even the most perfect nutrition plan and training won't help. You can't grow muscle or lose fat in an over-trained, hormonally-unbalanced body! If you have been training for a while, rest while you read this book.

Second, your training must be supported by physiologically and hormonally correct nutrition. Miss this part of the equation and it doesn't matter how well designed your training program is - your workouts will be as useless as trying to run through a brick wall.

Third, (and listen, because this is the key), the longer you stay on any program, the slower your results will come! Variation is the key, and with this e-book you can have all the variations you want for a good few years ahead!

Every exercise scientist in the world will confirm that this is true:  The FIRST 30 days on a properly designed training program, supported by sound nutrition in an optimally "primed" (and not over-trained) body, will always be the period with the greatest results.  After that, your results will slowly begin to flat-line as your body becomes accustomed to the same routine.

This is called the "law of adaptation."  This is why workouts must be changed regularly to ensure continued progress. Bodybuilders simply call it "the muscle confusion" principle. 

But changing your routines at random won’t “cut it” - you need a plan that will not only learn how to meet all three conditions necessary for fast muscle growth and fat loss, but will ALSO take all the guesswork out for you and provide you with the actual day-by-day, pre-planned routines you need to blast right through any sticking point. 

Yes...YOU Will Now Become The Master At Breaking
Through Those Nagging Plateaus...

...And Unleash a Massive Surge Of Natural Muscle Growth And
Fat Loss You Never Thought Possible!

Until I became privy to these "elite trainer secrets" myself, I had the same problem - Sometimes I made gains, but mostly I just stumbled along, slowly and with no clear method. My own frustration is what drove me to put together a resource for everyone that would reveal the truth at last.

But how did I go about creating such a program? Simple... I didn't!

Ok here's what I did...

With my "insider" contacts into some of the world's top "celebrity" and upscale fitness trainers, I set out to "twist some arms" and get them to give up their secrets.

I told them they would be doing thousands of people who badly need help a great service and I fully expected to have to get the brush off simply because I know everyone is SO busy with training their own clients.

Was I surprised!

They actually JUMPED at the chance and in no time I had 8 top trainers flooding my inbox with complete step-by-step programs that have helped so many of their clients get in the best shape of their lives...FAST! 

And I asked not just for their most effective, pro-level diet and training tactics that only a handful of their lucky clients have the privilege of using...but for a non technical, step-by-step action plan that every man and woman could use immediately, even without access to a gym.

And each trainer did exactly that... take a look for yourself:


Just Take A Look At All Of The Expert Tips, Tricks,
Tactics And Techniques You'll Find In This Jam Packed
Body Transforming Road Map...

When you sign up for the "Total Body Makeover" program, you'll have access to the very BEST advice from some of the world's BEST personal fitness trainers!

Take a look...

Body-Changing Secrets From
The Royal Australian Air Force!

Total Body Makeover Expert #1:
Gary Matthews

With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Gary’s professional career began in the Royal Australian Air Force where he was employed as a Fitness Instructor

Whipping recruits into shape in the shortest time possible wasn't just his was his MILITARY MISSION!

Now Gary pulls out every "fat-ambushing", "muscle-blasting" technique in his arsenal to help YOU attack the fat and build the muscle!

Gary's Total Body Makeover Secrets...

If you have no access to a gym facility or you can’t afford to equip your own home gym with expensive machines and you’re on the road a lot and can’t always find a gym . Then this chapter is for you. Gary Matthews goes through a variation of bodyweight exercises that you can perform in a minimum amount of space.

The exercises are explained in a clear fashion, enabling anyone from a beginner to an advanced trainee to perform them correctly.

The entire chapter is filled with good photographs of how to perform the exercises, as well as Gary’s explanations.


Internationally Recognized Specialist And
Fitness Author Reveals His TOP SECRETS!

Total Body Makeover Expert #2:
Craig Ballentyne

My name is Craig Ballantyne. I'm a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and author of too-many-articles-to-count in magazines such as Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Oxygen, Maximum Fitness, and Muscle and Fitness Hers.

I've developed a revolutionary new fat loss system called Turbulence Training", which was designed specifically to help busy men and women such as students, executives and parents with young children to get the most results in the least amount of time.

Craig’s chapter pretty much outlines the secrets of his famous Turbulence Training. It is not the entire program, obviously, but the reader will be pulled into a series of exercises, well documented with pictures and explanantions.

Craig's Total Body Makeover Secrets...

  Craig’s chapter is so complete it is very difficult to give a summary of it. He gives a complete insight to bodyweight interval training, going in great detail so as to really explain every aspect of the program.

Craig gives sample programs, tables for a quick overview, and an extensive picture-gallery of each exercise at the start position and end position with a good explanation following each picture.

This exercise program is divided into a beginners’ program and an advanced program, thus fitting all levels of training.




This 30 Day Training & Nutritional Program
Will Leave You With A Body That Will STUN
Your Friends, Family, And Co-Workers!

Total Body Makeover Expert #3:
Karen Sessions


 Karen Sessions has been in the fitness industry since 1988 and is a certified personal fitness instructor and specialist in performance nutrition.  She is a nationally qualified natural female bodybuilder, holding numerous titles in the southern states including two overalls.

Karen gives you a complete program with nutrition plan and training program for a makeover that you can realize in as little as 30 days. This is a woman who knows how to get you engaged and believe in yourself and your possibilities.

Karen's Total Body Makeover Secrets...

If you have a deadline for your personal body makeover, or if you just want a shorter program enabling you to see the end of it as you start out, Karen gives you a program covering just one short month.

Karen takes you through the nutrition element of your program quite in depth, but without being boring or “heavy”, you come out on the other side enlightened and ready to apply her teachings.

There is of course a part dedicated to cardio, no plan would be complete without it. There are plans for the beginner as well as the advanced cardio trainee, no one is left out in the cold all alone.

Finally, she gives a 4-week weight program set up in easy-to-follow tables you can print out and bring to the gym; taking all and any guesswork out of your resistance training program.



Rob Will Take YOU From ZERO...To HERO!

Total Body Makeover Expert #4:
Rob Poulos

Rob Poulos is a fitness enthusiast and expert, and the founder and CEO of Zero to Hero Fitness.  Rob spent the majority of the last decade searching for the most effective and efficient ways to get and stay lean, strong, and healthy. 

In those past 10 years, Rob experimented with and analyzed numerous exercise and nutrition strategies and protocols promoted by fitness centers, magazines, books, late night TV ads, and the so-called fitness gurus.

Finally, after having amassed a great deal of life-changing knowledge and truths, Rob founded Zero to Hero Fitness and created the Fat Burning Furnace fitness system so he could spread the word to others interested in seeking out life long fitness and health. 

Now everyone, regardless of their current or past failures with fitness, can enjoy a lean and healthy lifestyle with simple but proven methods. 

You will gain access to some of his insights right here. Rob continues to help friends, family, his students, and perfect strangers get in the best shape of their lives…and stay that way.

Rob's Total Body Makeover Secrets...

Rob is a trainer who ignites your fat burning furnace. He explains how to ignite it and keep it burning!

His is a quick program to read and understand, ready to implement in about 20 minutes.

The program he outlines takes about 20 minutes to complete at each workout. Now, this sounds better than 50-60 minutes for the busy house-wife and mother, or the equally busy business person!

Rob provides you with exercise programs, insight into his nutrition program, once you’ve read and understood his chapter, you’re ready to go on your body makeover journey.




It's Time To SHATTER The Myths That Have Been Holding Your Back From A Healthier Lifestyle!

Total Body Makeover Expert #5:
Lynn Bode

Lynn Bode is a certified personal trainer specializing in Internet-based fitness programs. She is also a renowned fitness expert, business owner, published author and entrepreneur. Exercise and fitness have been an important part of her life since her teens.

With 13 years experience as a fitness professional, Lynn has successfully helped individuals of all ages and fitness levels reach their fitness goals. As founder of Workouts For You, TrainerForce and the Online Personal Training Association, she is a pioneer in online personal training.

In her chapter, Lynn takes you through the stages of getting yourself organized and started on your fitness journey. This chapter is perfect for the beginner, because she clears up some misconceptions and maps out a road to a healthier lifestyle. Even if you are no longer a beginner, reading through Lynn’s chapter will inevitably remind you of things you knew but “forgot” over time.

Lynn's Total Body Makeover Secrets...

For those who would like longer programs, something they feel they can use for long enough to really get to know it and feel comfortable doing over an 8-week period. Lynn gives you this program right here.

  This is a perfect program for any beginner, but also reminds the experienced trainer of some fundamentals that sometimes are forgotten, or at least not thought about on a daily basis.

All “excuses” are analysed and thrown out, you will have nutrition recommendations and certain myths are analysed as well.

Lynn does not throw the beginner into a demanding exercise program, but eases them into a routine they will be able to live with. Each week of her 8-week program there is something new to learn and implement, you are not overwhelmed by the usual all-at-once approach.




Customized Programs For The Beginner...Intermediate...And ADVANCED!

Total Body Makeover Expert #6:
George Stavrou

George's Total Body Makeover Secrets...

Here is something totally different, with a beginner, intermediate and advanced trainee’s programs all rolled into one fact-packed chapter.

The programs are made for the trainee with 30 minutes/day training time, or 45 minutes/day for those who have a little more time on their hands.

Confused about which exercises to use?  George shows you the "what" and "hows" with extensive photo-explanations to each exercise, be it stretch exercises, limited training time exercises or the longer training time ones.

You also get tips on goal setting, how to avoid injuries, motivational music and much more!




This 3-Week Program Is NOT For The Weak Or Timid!
Be Prepared To WORK For Your Body!

Total Body Makeover Expert #7:
Nick Nilsson

Nick gives you his chapter, three weeks of his inset supersets, trisets, compound sets, you-name-‘em-sets, he’s got them for you. Three weeks of gruelling workouts which may well have you add a few names to your vocabulary. He will drive you, but you will see results.

Nick's Total Body Makeover Secrets...

Nick takes you through a 3-week program for fast results, using different types of reps and sets, fast pace training, slower pace, overload and complete rest … you will not be bored!

Nick gives you his chapter, three weeks of his inset supersets, trisets, compound sets, you-name-‘em-sets, he’s got them for you. Three weeks of gruelling workouts which may well have you add a few names to your vocabulary. He will drive you, but you will see results.

You can use this program on your entire body, or concentrate on one body part, either way you will see explosive results.

This is a program that should only be used for three weeks at a time.




No Equipment? NO PROBLEM!

Total Body Makeover Expert #8:
Kyle Battis


Kyle's Total Body Makeover Secrets...

We again have a no equipment workout program for the travelling trainee or those who don’t have access to a commercial gym nor a home gym.

Kyle gives you his bodyweight training program complete with pictures and explanations both of the exercise itself and the reasons behind some of the routines, as well as the workout structure.

You will also read about the importance of cooling down after the end of the workout.


Professional Review - Robert DiMaggio
AtoZ Fitness Total Body Makeover is a must read for anyone that is serious about gaining muscle and losing fat! It is a compilation of expert information from Eight leading fitness industry experts available in one single ebook. Reading this ebook will save you years of trial and error in your fitness program, whether your goal is to simply tone up, or compete in competitive fitness or bodybuilding shows. Not only will you find a multitude of training, nutrition and supplement advice, but also numerous web links to other informative sites, several pages of exercise illustrations, sample workout plans and diets. I highly recommend this ebook!

Robert DiMaggio


 These Trainers Guarantee That They Can Teach ANYONE
How to Make Quantum Leaps In Fitness, Strength,
Muscle Growth And Fat Loss...

...Regardless of Your Age, Sex Or Level of Experience!


Ask ANY world-class personal trainer or strength coach whether their clients have achieved dramatic transformations in a short time span, and every one of them will shout YES!!!

It's true that most people DON'T make much progress on a monthly basis, but that's not because it's impossible, simply that they've never been coached by  professionals who know what heck they're doing!

Top trainers have to produce fast results when working with athletes, Olympians, bodybuilders, fitness competitors, pageant contestants and movie stars, otherwise they get fired fast!

That's why these trainers are MASTERS at rapid body transformations, it's their JOB! They've trained thousands of clients, tested virtually every training system and accumulated a huge amounts of knowledge over their decades of experience.

And now they've given me their personal prescriptions for how YOU can make the best gains you've ever experienced in your life!

Here's How To Claim Your Own Private Copy Of This Incredible "Insider's" Guide To Rapid Body Changes...

The AtoZ Fitness TOTAL BODY MAKEOVER  -  Effective Gym and Home Workout Plans From the Internet’s top trainers I've just described from all the different trainers. With this mind-boggling wealth of information, my business partner told me I could charge at least $99 for this course... And even THAT would be a steal!

If you wanted these top trainers to work with you in person, it would literally cost you thousands of dollars, and that's supposing they could even take you on as a client, as some of them are booked  up for months in advance.

However, if you order now, I am practically giving away copies of this "Master trainer encyclopedia" of knowledge for the incredibly low price of only $14.99 !

I couldn't be more generous without actually sending you these trainers to work with  you for free every  single day!


$14.99 for all
 * Eight Fitness Gurus


What I CAN and CAN'T Promise You From
This 30-Day Transformation Course

I get so excited talking about this that I need to take a minute to temper my enthusiasm with a quick disclaimer. I've seen first-hand what can happen in one short of month using these routines and the results are truly amazing, both Sarah and myself have used several of these already. However I am NOT going to "hype" this program...

We've all seen those ads making claims like, "Lose 30 pounds in 30 days" or "Gain 25 pounds of muscle in one month!" You and I both know that's complete bull-you know what!  This is half of the reason why most people are skeptical about any program making short-term claims. 

I'm truly excited about seeing you make great changes to your body in the next weeks and months, but I'm not going to claim that you'll achieve a certain amount of muscle growth or fat loss because that's really up to you, how well you follow the program and how much effort you put into the program.

I'll give you the information, but the rest is up to you. Follow the instructions and I promise you'll be thrilled with the results... and I'm backing up that promise with...

The A to Z Fitness up to 8 Weeks
"More Than Satisfied" Or it's
FREE Guarantee

 NOW... Here's what I can guarantee you:

  • You WILL get results you can see, feel and measure in the next 4-6 weeks. You will lose fat, gain muscle or both!
  • You WILL be totally satisfied with the quality of the information in the e book
  • You WILL receive a greater variety of perspectives on body fat loss and muscle growth than you could ever receive from any one single source. (This is a much more powerful work than if it were written by a single person).

Your success in using these powerful training and diet programs is completely guaranteed. In fact, here's my 100% up to 8 Weeks "More than satisfied or its FREE" guarantee:

Test-drive AtoZ Fitness TOTAL BODY MAKEOVER  -  Effective Gym and Home Workout Plans From the Internet’s top trainers not just for 4 weeks but take as long as you want - up to 8 full weeks - to see what these programs will do for you.

If you aren't totally satisfied, I will send you a no-questions asked, no-hassle, 100% complete refund. You can even keep all the bonus reports to show my appreciation for you at least trying the program.

Click here To Buy AtoZ Fitness TOTAL BODY MAKEOVER for only $14.99 ! You can download it immediately and begin using these workouts today!

"Your credit card statement will show a charge from Clk*"
If you require any support at all please send an e-mail with
your receipt number to

I know that $14.99 is already a stunning bargain but the deal gets even better if you act now... Get your copy of the AtoZ Fitness TOTAL BODY MAKEOVER e-book today and I'll throw in over $160.00 worth of bonuses absolutely free

FREE Bonus #1:  The Hidden Truth about Cholesterol Lowering Drugs, by Shane Ellison ($19.95 value) You trust your doctor, most people do. However, Shane lifts the veil of commercial prescription drugs, what they do to you, what cholesterol does to you. This is a truly enlightening read!  -42 pages-

FREE Bonus #2:  Training and Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean Body, by Mike Geary ($14.95 value)  A complete guide to your new lifestyle, Mike outlines the common misconceptions and demystifies them. He gives you shopping smarts, training strategies and much more. -64 pages-

FREE Bonus #3:   Figure Basics, by Linda Cusmano ($24.95 value) Contest Preparation Key Points. Designed especially for Figure Competitors but great for anyone looking to get into “Figure shape”! Great for beginners, or anyone wondering what the poses for a competition are, and if they can even do them! This book is great also for inspiration.  -17 pages-

FREE Bonus #4:  From Will Brink, we bring you The Creatine Report and Tasty Fat Loss and Muscle Gaining Recipes ($29.95 value) These are not the usual junk, the creatine report is far better than most so called free reports and both ebooks were recently upgraded, making them even better than before. 
-both e-books have 31 pages each-

FREE Bonus #5:  Outdoor Fitness Tips from Scott Colby ($19.95 value) 23 exercises you can perform outside, this is a perfect book to bring to the beach, camping, on a vacation, or even out in your own garden or back yard. Exercise and fresh air combined, it’s a winner.-21 pages-

FREE Bonus #6:  The Silent Killer, by Frank Mangano ($17.95 value) in an interview with Tom Venuto is a book on blood pressure, and the way it can go un-noticed for years. It shows how you can lower your blood pressure without costly drugs or suffering their side effects. There is only one “snag”: you must apply what you learn in order for this to work. You don’t know you have high BP until your doctor tells you, as there are no symptoms. High BP is known as Hypertension, or “the silent killer”. High BP can be managed and lowered by improving the blood flow through the arteries. This book will tell you how. Untreated, hypertension it can cause strokes, heart attacks and other types of heart disease. It can affect the length of your life. Frank Mangano’s book will help you discover how you can largely help yourself control and even beat this killer.   -20 pages-    

FREE Bonus #7:   A Quick and Fun Way to Improve Your Training from Matt McDermott  and  MetroFlex Gym  ($19.99)  In 30 pages, you learn the how-to of sled dragging, a fun way to change your workouts and get some surprising results. -30 pages-

FREE Bonus # 8: 5 Familiar BodyBuilding Troubles by Richard Hargreaves, 1984 Mr. Australia, ($14.95 Value) Overtraining, under eating, stretching, and two more “problem areas” most people in the gym face at one time or another, Richard gives clear advice on how to correct them all.-32 pages-


Tom Venuto, author of the wildly popular #1 best seller, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle™ gives you his "30 Day Growth Spurt Program!"
Mandy Gibbons,certified personal trainer and owner of one of the top internet online personal training websites  gives you her chapter, "Mandy Gibbon's 30 days to Successful Fat Loss for Women" 

(currently available on Amazon for $9.99 on its own)

Christopher V. Guerriero, Author of the Amazon.Com best-seller Maximize Your Metabolism as well as The 2 Day Workout, and 135 Secrets to Get Fit Fast, gives you his "30 Day Muscle Blasting Secrets" 

Lee Hayward, champion bodybuilder and author of the Blast Your Bench! and Blast Your Squat! e-books gives you, "How to Build a More Muscular Body in Just 30 Days!"

Linda Cusmano, Canadian Pro Fitness Champion and Certified Elite Personal Trainer of Body Rush Personal Training and its successful website gives you her chapter " Linda Cusmano's Focus on Fat Loss for Women in 30 days!"
Jeremy Markum, a personal trainer who specializes in working with busy people, and author of The Busy and Fit Advanced Training & Nutrition Guide, gives you, "Gaining Muscle and Losing Fat (For Busy People)!"
Phil Campbell, M.S., trainer and writer for Fitness RX, Physical Magazine, Let's Live magazine, Spa Management, who was featured on the cover of Personal Fitness Professional, gives you his amazing chapter, "How to Increase Growth Hormone: The Most Powerful Bodyfat Cutting, Muscle Building Substance in Your Body... In Just 30 Days... Naturally!"

(currently available on Amazon for $9.99 on its own)

George A. Baselice, Winner of the MET-RX World's Best Personal Trainer Grand Championship and two award-winning books, including "The Turning Point", gives you his chapter "30 Days in the Hole!"

George Stavrou, B.A. Psyc., certified personal trainer and author of the #1 best-selling e-book on "How YOU Can Sculpt A Leaner, Healthier Body In12 Weeks: A Guide For Beginners!" gives you his chapter, "How YOU Can Sculpt A Leaner, Healthier Body In 30 Days!"

Nick Nilsson, certified personal trainer and author of selling e-book, "The Best Exercises You Never Heard of" gives you his chapter, Push Your Body's Muscular Adaptation to the Limit With the Power Of Rapid Change

(currently available on Amazon for $9.99 on its own)

David Grisaffi, Washington's #1 sports trainer since 1996 and author of the e-book Firm and Flatten Your Abs gives you, “Firm Your Physique in 30 Days and Lose Fat Forever!” 
Lynn VanDyke, creator of A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Melt the Fat & Gain a Life, and owner of keeps it simple and focused.  Want to see results?  Read this chapter!


IMPORTANT: AtoZfitness Total Body Makeover (is in Adobe PDF format) which you download immediately after your order is processed. PDF e-books can be read on any PC or Macintosh computer immediately with no extra software to buy. You'll can download almost instantly and start reading it in minutes from now.

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