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What do you get when you take the Net's top diet, weight loss, and resistance training experts, get each one to condense his or her wisdom into 20-30 pages, and then compile it all into an e-book publication?

You Get 13 Of The World's Most Knowledgeable, Most Respected, Most Sought-After Personal Trainers Who Finally Reveal Their Private-Client Short-Cut Secrets To Stunning 30 Day Body Transformations.


From: Lewis Wolk
President, A To Z Fitness.Com

Dear Friend, 

If you would like to learn how to get better results from your diet and training program in the next 30 days than most people get in 3-6 months, then this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.

Here's why:

A small group of personal trainers and strength coaches from the United States and Canada have just released in public  - for the first time ever in writing - the exact workout routines and diet programs they use to produce remarkable 30 day transformations for their private clients.


Leah Holleran ..... I am a 29 year-old female who has been searching for more direction and guidance in my quest for a better body. I've been stuck in a rut at the gym as of late (of doing the same old thing) which has slowed my progress almost to a complete halt.

At first I wasn't sure how many of the principles in this book would even pertain to me since I'm not (nor ever will be) a 200lb body-builder, but to my surprise almost every single nutrition and exercise plan has the potential to be successfully followed by me.

I've read the book twice and have been using one of the chapter's programs for almost 3 weeks now and fully expect measurable results in the near future.

It just amazes me how much information and detail is packed into one book, I honestly feel that buying this book was one of the best investments I've made in a long time.

Thanks Again,
Leah Holleran
Pgh., PA




Through a special arrangement I've just negotiated, I've obtained the exclusive rights to allow you to preview and test these systems yourself with absolutely no risk or obligation, to see just how much muscle you can gain and how much fat you can lose over the next month...



But first, before I show you what's in the actual program, let me get something off my chest right from the start...

Let Me PROVE - With Hard Science - That You REALLY CAN
Make Incredible Progress In One Short Month...
Even If You Have "Lousy Genetics"

You might be thinking that it's unreasonable to expect quick muscle growth or fat loss in only 30 days, and if so, I don't blame you one bit. With all the advertising hype you see these days, you SHOULD be skeptical.


However, if you'll trust me - just for the next few minutes - I'll show you exactly why this system is scientifically sound and why it works so beautifully for nearly everyone who tries it.


These 30 day transformations are not rare aberrations only seen in genetic-freak, "cyborg-like" elite athletes. For the lucky few that have been invited into the private studios of these 12 fitness gurus, rapid transformation is the norm - regardless of age, sex, heredity, athletic background, experience, or previous results.


Because these 12 trainers have finally agreed to reveal their "secret weapon" diet and training tactics inside this brand new course I'm about to show you, you can now enjoy the same type of results  - in just 30 days - working out by yourself in your own gym (or even in your own home).


Rapid "Bursts" Of Fat Loss And Muscle Growth Are Not
Difficult Or Uncommon When You Understand The Science Behind It


There are a few preliminary conditions you have to meet to make rapid muscle gains and fat losses possible in the first place:


First, your body must be "structurally," "hormonally" and "metabolically" primed before you start your program, or even the most perfect diet and training won't help. You can't grow muscle or lose fat in an over-trained, hormonally-unbalanced body!


Second, your training must be supported by physiologically and hormonally-correct nutrition. Miss this part of the equation and it doesn't matter how well designed your training program is - your workouts will be as useless as trying to run through a brick wall.


Third, (and listen, because this is the key), the longer you stay on any program, the slower your results will come!


Every exercise scientist in the world will confirm that this is true:  The FIRST 30 days on a properly designed training program, supported by sound nutrition in an optimally "primed" (and not over-trained) body, will always be the period with the greatest results.  After that, your results will slowly begin to flat-line as your body becomes accustomed to the same routine.


In other words...

When you do it the right way - in harmony
with your body's natural physiology - it's actually
easier to make gains in the first 30 days on a
program than at any other time!


Exercise physiologists call this the "law of adaptation."  This is why workouts must be changed frequently to guarantee continued progress. Bodybuilders simply call it "the muscle confusion" principle. 


But changing your routines at random isn't good enough - you need a plan - and that's where this new "All-Star Trainer's" program comes in.


In this course, you will not only discover how to meet all three conditions necessary for fast muscle growth and fat loss, you will also receive the actual day by day, pre-planned routines you need to blast right through any sticking point.


Break Through Plateaus And Unleash a Massive Surge

Of Natural Muscle Growth And Fat Loss!


By the way, don't feel bad if you've been stuck in a rut - it's not your fault. The fitness media has crammed a truckload of crap into your brain and you simply haven't had access to the right information yet.  Not many people have the privilege (or the budget) to work with world class trainers in their private studios, so most people are stuck getting information from their gym buddies and the magazines (the absolute WORST places to get your info!)


Until I became privy to these "elite trainer secrets" myself, I had the same problem - Sometimes I made gains, but usually I just sputtered along, slowly and sporadically at best. My own frustration is what drove me to finally create a resource for everyone that would finally reveal the TRUTH.


But how did an "average gym rat" with no formal education in fitness create such a program? Simple... I Didn't! Thanks to my "inside connections" in online fitness publishing...


I went straight to the BEST personal trainers in
the world and  "B
RIBED" THEM into writing a book that
reveals all their secrets!


I started the A to Z fitness website and newsletter in 1996 because working out is my hobby. I'm also a technology and Internet "geek" so I thought it would be a cool thing to do. At the time, I had no idea A to Z Fitness would blossom into one of the top three fitness websites on Google, Yahoo and other major search engines.


Because the site became so popular so fast, high profile fitness authors and some of the worlds top personal trainers approached me to offer their articles for publication.


  It was win-win: My writers got International publicity and my subscribers got free (and valuable) information from my top-ranked website and weekly newsletter.


I learned a ton of neat fitness, bodybuilding and fat loss tricks from my A to Z Fitness writers, and so did all my subscribers. But after seven years of this, it became blindingly obvious that bits and pieces of fitness knowledge e-mailed weekly weren't enough.


What You Need Is a PLAN of ACTION That Lays It All Out
With Simple, Step-By-Step "HOW-TO" Instructions


So here's what I did... I went to my A to Z Fitness writers and said,


"I want to publish an e-book that will revolutionize the way people train so they can get more results in less time... and I know you've gotten incredible results for your clients in less than 30 days. If you would write one chapter of a book revealing how you get your athletes, bodybuilders and celebrity clients in shape so fast, not only will you be doing a great service to thousands of people who badly need help, I can also guarantee you more worldwide publicity through the A To Z Fitness newsletter and web site than ever.  I'll also include your contact info so people can find you, and I'm sure you'll pick up new clients from that when you have openings."


Well, they all loved the idea, and a new e-book was born:


Introducing ... A To Z Fitness Best of The Best All-Stars
How To Gain Maximum Muscle and Lose Maximum Fat in Only 30 Days...

Inside this exiting and revealing new e-book, I asked each All Star
trainer this burning question that's on everyone's mind...

"How can I gain the most muscle and lose The most fat... in the next 30 days?"

I asked not just for their most effective, pro-level diet and training tactics that only a handful of their lucky clients have the privilege of using, but for a non technical, step-by-step action plan that every man and woman could use immediately.
And each trainer did exactly that... take a look for yourself:


Purchase the entire 2 volume set
with all writers included for $24.99 .

Add the 192 page AtoZfitness Total Body Makeover (8 new writers)
to your order on checkout for only $9.99 (Details on this open in a new window)


Some of the chapters are now available a la carte


The Best of The Best All Star Trainer Lineup 


Tom Venuto, author of the wildly popular #1 best seller, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscleâ„¢ gives you his "30 Day Growth Spurt Program!"

  • 3 things you MUST do to "prime yourself" for a 30 day growth spurt that could give you TWICE the normal natural rate of muscle growth
  • Why protein is NOT the #1 key to gaining muscle mass, and what you must focus on instead
  • Precision formulas to determine your exact calorie intake for gaining mass (Most people simply aren't eating enough to gain mass!)
  • The one thing that is INFINITELY more important than protein, carbohydrate and fat ratios... 40-30-30, 40-40-20, whatever... it just doesn't matter unless you get this right
  • Why your testosterone will bottom out If THIS is too low in your diet (and a deficiency in this affects your sex life, too)
  • The best way to "cash in" on the post workout window of opportunity... and why the advice you get from magazines and supplement companies about post workout nutrition is not always in your best interest
  • The 30 day growth spurt calendar: All your workouts are already planned out for you day by day

Buy this chapter A la Carte for $9.99


Mandy Gibbons,certified personal trainer and owner of one of the top internet online personal training websites  gives you her chapter, "Mandy Gibbon's 30 days to Successful Fat Loss for Women" 

  • 5 fat loss roadblocks that crush the hopes and dreams of at least 95% of all dieters, and what you should do to smash through these barriers like they were paper walls
  • Incredibly simple but overlooked techniques to neutralize the vicious cycle of emotional eating and psychological triggers to weight gain
  • The truth about what kind of fat loss you should really expect in 2, 4, 8 and 12 weeks (hint: the infomercials and magazines are lying to you!) Find out once and for all how much weight you are supposed to lose and how to set a realistic goal you can achieve safely 
  • 3 simple steps you must take before starting your fat loss program, which will only take about 15 minutes, but it could save you months, years, or even a lifetime of diet failure and frustration
  • The most effective fat burning cardio methods for the beginner and the overweight... and why following the most popular current trend in cardio programs is counterproductive or even dangerous!
  • The Powerful Four Point Plan to succeed on your nutrition plan for life, not just for 4, 6 or 12 weeks...  meal planning, workout scheduling and other tips to make fitting fitness in your life easer

Buy this chapter A la Carte for $9.99


Christopher V. Guerriero, Author of the Amazon.Com best-seller Maximize Your Metabolism as well as The 2 Day Workout, and 135 Secrets to Get Fit Fast, gives you his "30 Day Muscle Blasting Secrets" 

  •  The critical difference between the 5% of people who lose fat and gain muscle easily and the 95% who struggle and get nowhereWhat to do late at night to give a guaranteed turbo boost to your muscle gains (this is an absolute must for all "hard gainers.")
  • 15 nutrition tactics to instantly supercharge your muscle growth
  • The 3 phase diet cycle for fat loss and muscle growth... it's all mapped out for you step by step, rep by rep
  • Why you must train your mind before your body will ever grow: (Plus, find out where to get a FREE report on "Cyber-physiology": The mind-body connection in bodybuilding and fitness)
  • 3 powerful motivational tools for fitness that most self help "gurus" never talk about and no school on the planet ever teaches

Buy this chapter A la Carte for $9.99


David Grisaffi, Washington's #1 sports trainer since 1996 and author of the e-book Firm and Flatten Your Abs gives you, "Firm Your Physique in 30 Days and Lose Fat Forever!"

  • 5 days of sample menus Plus David's Master Food list (the same one he usually saves for his private clients)...This makes picking your foods a total no brainer! David lays it all out for you: "Eat more of these"... "eat less of these"
  • The health-destroying and fat-storing foods you must avoid at all costs
  • The one thing you should never eat at night when you want quick fat loss
  • Foods and food combinations that allow your system to bypass the blood sugar and insulin spike (and inevitable crash) that forces other people to "bonk" and take a nap
  • How to get up to 52% more vitamin content and 24% more mineral content from the SAME FOODS you're already eating
  • David's unique 30 day "spin routine" for core conditioning and functional body strength... it's must-have information for all athletes and anyone who wants to avoid injuries
  • What you should eat before your workout to instantly turn on your body's natural ability to burn body fat for fuel while preserving lean tissue

    Buy this chapter A la Carte for $9.99


Lee Hayward, champion bodybuilder and author of the Blast Your Bench! and Blast Your Squat! e-books gives you, "How to Build a More Muscular Body in Just 30 Days!"

  • The embarrassingly simple reason why 99% of people who call themselves "hard gainers" aren't gaining... and it's NOT genetics!
  • How many grams of protein to eat for optimum mass gains and why you may be limiting your muscle growth if you're eating "1 gram per pound of body weight"
  • Unorthodox and radical "Guerilla eating tactics" for gaining MAXIMUM size (this is how the pros eat - not for wimpy "weekend warriors," or the weak stomached...only for bodybuilders in intense training who want serious size quickly.)
  • Easy snacks you can quickly grab and munch on throughout the day for an extra calorie surge and "anabolic boost"
  • A sure fire weight gaining diet trick used by ALL of the most massive bodybuilders on the pro circuit
  • The complete, photographically illustrated "More muscle in 30 days" program

Buy this chapter A la Carte for $9.99


Linda Cusmano, Canadian Pro Fitness Champion and Certified Elite Personal Trainer of Body Rush Personal Training and its successful website gives you her chapter " Linda Cusmano's Focus on Fat Loss for Women in 30 days!"

  • Simple yet effective exercises with easy to follow menu plans setting you up for success with ease.  Just go through the color photos and follow along then you to can have a fit, healthy and firmer body.
  • Proper form is shown for stretches and exercisesso you never have to worry if your doing it right!  Never second guess yourself again!  Anyone can feel like a pro on this program!
  • Fail safe 30 day fat loss progam, if you follow it you will see results, Simple as that!! Watch the mirror and see the measurements fall in your favour!
  • Can't lose except FAT with the guidance of Pro Fitness Champion and Certified Elite Trainer Linda Cusmano showing full color demonstrations taking you through each stretch and exercise.
  • Meal plans catering to supplement and non supplement users, vegetarians and carnivores!  Meal plans done to keep you on track with foods you like!  Sabatoge free and will give you a lifestyle change without even trying.  You and your body will love this and want to stick to it!
  • No secrets, just simple key points the trainers DON'T always tell you about so they can keep you coming back.  No pocket drain here!
  • Track your results easily with log forms and step by step instructions!  This plan will guide you along like no other, excpect success!
  • A program which anyone can do with success, easy to follow, easy to understand, no gimmicks, no extra purchases, just the simple facts and a step by step guide showing you what to eat, how to train and keys to fat loss!

    Buy this chapter A la Carte for $9.99
Jeremy Markum, a personal trainer who specializes in working with busy people, and author of The Busy and Fit Advanced Training & Nutrition Guide, gives you, "Gaining Muscle and Losing Fat (For Busy People)!"
  • The Amazing "Lazy Person's" 3 Step Shortcut to getting in jaw-dropping shape when you don't want to live in the gym all day long
  • Keys to training efficiency that let you finish your workout before most people are even done warming up! (It will probably piss off everyone else in the gym... but you'll get over it quickly when you watch the unwanted pounds of fat slide right off your body!)
  • Why the simplest, most overlooked techniques can make the biggest difference to your results, and why you don't need 8 tests, 4 screenings and 5 different diet and training journals
  • How to get in great shape quickly, stay in great shape ALL year round, and still have time to pursue the other passions in your life, spend time with friends and enjoy eating REAL FOOD when you go out
  • The "Busy and Fit" Prime directive - this is the Real secret of how Jeremy gets his clients in his private San Diego Studio in such amazing shape in so little time
  • The best methods of Interval training to turn up the "heat" of your metabolism for hours after the workout is over

             Buy this chapter A la Carte for $9.99


George A. Baselice, Winner of the MET-RX World's Best Personal Trainer Grand Championship and two award-winning books, including "The Turning Point", gives you his chapter "30 Days in the Hole!"

  • "The World's Best Personal Trainer" shows you his "learn it fast, use it today" step-by-step 60 minute total body workout
  • The right way to do aerobics to slash inches off your waist, hips and thighs... and what's wrong with conventional aerobics
  • Why the amount of time you rest between sets makes all the difference between MAXIMUM results and ZERO results (another myth destroyed)
  • A fantastically unique and challenging "hybrid" movement that works every muscle in the body while stimulating fat burning and aerobic conditioning at the same time
  • A quick method to determine your calorie needs ?that doesn't require a calculator, software or a computer to figure out
  • Why the way most people are fueling their bodies is like "pissing in the gas tank"
  • Mouth watering recipes and meals, including delicious smoothies and protein shake
 Buy this chapter A la Carte for $9.99


George Stavrou, B.A. Psyc., certified personal trainer and author of the #1 best-selling e-book on Amazon.com "How YOU Can Sculpt A Leaner, Healthier Body In12 Weeks: A Guide For Beginners!" gives you his chapter, "How YOU Can Sculpt A Leaner, Healthier Body In 30 Days!"

  • Active stretches graphically illustrated with 55 full color photographs ?An AMAZING guide to flexibility techniques for maximum performance, injury prevention and all round health.
  • The 7 Day food rotation diet
  • How to test yourself for food allergies which could be causing fatigue, cravings and headaches that interfere with your diet and training efforts... plus how to eliminate food allergies naturally
  • 4 tips for fast and easy food preparation to add more quality time to your life while getting leaner, healthier and more muscular
  • A sure fire, 100% objective test that will reveal whether your supplements are really working
  • The 30 day Leaner, Healthier Body program ?killer circuit and superset routines proven effective with dozens of George's private clients
  • George's body sculpting training log... makes charting your workouts a cinch


Nick Nilsson, certified personal trainer and author of selling e-book, "The Best Exercises You Never Heard of" gives you his chapter, Push Your Body's Muscular Adaptation to the Limit With the Power Of Rapid Change

  • How to avoid the most common mistake almost everyone is making to botch their muscle-building program
  • The secret to side-stepping your body's adaptive response that causes most people to plateau so quickly... It's why some people make massive leaps in progress in a month's time, while others make NO progress in a year's time
  • How to tap into your body's own natural metabolic rhythm to easily achieve fat loss or muscle growth within weeks, not months
  • How you can use the elite athlete's technique of "micro-periodization" to force your body to respond more quickly... without adapting... and to keep your strength levels high even while you're losing weight
  • How to properly use weight training for fat loss
  • The secret to making a low carb diet work during the fat loss phase and what you should NEVER do on a low carb diet (which almost all the low carb "gurus" allow)


Phil Campbell, M.S., trainer and writer for Fitness RX, Physical Magazine, Let's Live magazine, Spa Management, who was featured on the cover of Personal Fitness Professional, gives you his amazing chapter, “How to Increase Growth Hormone: The Most Powerful Bodyfat Cutting, Muscle Building Substance in Your Body… In Just 30 Days… Naturally!

    • Discover how to release a flood of fat-burning and growth-inducing Growth Hormone †NATURALLY †that will literally force your muscles to grow and to melt off fat like an ice cube on a frying pan

    • Discover why using synthetic growth hormone is a nightmare that can actually turn your endocrine system into a train wreck and shut down your body's own natural production †permanently!

    • What breathing has to do with growth hormone

    • 4 growth hormone release benchmarks †achieve these four conditions and you'll trigger a fat burning, muscle building, anti-aging surge of your own all-natural growth hormone

    • Finally learn the truth about the lactic acid and the pain barrier:  Do you REALLY need to train into the burn? Which is correct: No pain no gain, or “train don't strain?” Phil tells all

    • What your body temperature has to do with growth hormone release

    • The Sprint 8” workout †the step by step monthly plan to get your metabolism “cooking” and your hormones flowing


Marc David, author of the innovative, Beginner’s Guide to Fitness and Bodybuilding™ gives you his "30 Days to Maximum Muscle Gain and Maximum Fat Loss Step-by-Step!"
  • 9 new ways to get more out of any exercise.  Use any single one of these training concepts or a combination and you’ll never be bored in the gym again.
  • If you don’t track your diet, you are wasting your time.  Practical step-by-step how-to eat for success and track what you eat.  Skip this and you might as well stay home and watch TV. all day.
  • Precision formulas to determine your EXACT calorie intake, your protein requirements and how much weight you should use for maximum results, tailored just for you.  There’s even a cool calculator I will show you that does this for you.  Plug in the numbers and get specific numbers for your goals.  No more generalized planning.  It’s tailored just to you!
  • Quick and easy beginner and advanced training routines all ready for you to do.  Includes advanced concepts for those that are ready to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • How to discover which supplements work and which ones are pure crap.  There are literally thousands of supplements to choose from, all begging for your attention.  Stick with the proven basics and put the blinders on to the hype!

  • The best proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats to eat in an easy to take to the grocery store style list.  This practical list will be a time saver when you are shopping for the right foods.

  • End your frustrations.  This plan is a step-by-step how to guide for achieving any results you want, quickly and easily with proven techniques to build muscle and burn fat faster.  It’s only a secret if you don’t know this.


Lynn VanDyke, creator of A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Melt the Fat & Gain a Life, and owner of www.strength-training-woman.com keeps it simple and focused.  Want to see results?  Read this chapter! 

  • Learn the 3 Action Steps that you absolutely must incorporate into any fat loss program.
  • Watch how an average goal is turned into a blazing fat loss mission statement- then I’ll show you how to create your very own.
  • Get in on the 5 tools of fitness.  Each tool is broken down and explained in really, really simple terms.  You asked for a step-by-step guide and you get it with this chapter.  Cardio, strength training, warming up/cooling down, stretching and rest days are all discussed.
  • Let me show you how to find your Target Heart Rate… you just plug in the numbers!
  • Eating great is not difficult when you follow the 4 tenets of nutrition.  Find out what they are.
  • I hand over a free weekly fitness routine that comes complete with colored start and ending photos, detailed exercise descriptions and cardio details.
  • You also get 2 menus: one for meat eaters and the other for VEGETARIANS!
  • Find out how all 3 Action Steps create your road map for success.  And why if you miss out on just 1 of them, you could stop seeing results!

Buy this chapter A la Carte for $9.99



These Trainers Guarantee That They Can Teach ANYONE
How to Make Quantum Leaps In Fitness, Strength,
Muscle Growth And Fat Loss, Regardless of Your Age,
Sex Or Experience Level...
Within The Next 30 Days!


Ask ANY world-class personal trainer or strength coach whether their clients have achieved dramatic transformations in only 30 days, and every one of them will shout YES!!!


It's true that most people DON'T make much progress on a monthly basis, but that's not because it's impossible ?it's because they've never been coached by a professional who knows what heck they're doing!


Top trainers are forced to produce results fast when they work with athletes, Olympians, bodybuilders, fitness competitors, pageant contestants and movie stars, or else they get fired fast!


That's why these gurus are MASTERS at rapid body transformations ?it's their JOB! They've trained thousands of clients, tested virtually every training system and accumulated a massive wealth of knowledge over their decades of experience.


And now they've written down their personal prescriptions for how YOU can make the best gains you've ever experienced in your life!




Here's How To Get Your Copy Of This Amazing
Short-Cut  "Insider's" Guide To Rapid Body Changes...


The A To Z Fitness All Start Trainer's Secrets e-book contains EVERYTHING I've just described from all 15 trainers. With this mind-boggling wealth of information, my business partners told me I should charge at least $99 for this course... And even THAT would be a steal! 

If you wanted these top trainers to work with you in person, it would cost you literally thousands of dollars, and that's if they could even take you on as a client ?some of them are booked for months in advance.


However, if you order now, I'm practically giving away copies of this "Master mind encyclopedia" of training and nutritional knowledge for the incredibly low price of only $24.99!


I couldn't be more generous without actually sending these guys to your place to train you for free every day!




Click here To Buy All Star Trainer's Secrets to Maximum Muscle Gain and Maximum Fat Loss in 30 Days for only $24.99! You can download it immediately and begin using these workouts today! 


Add the 192 page AtoZfitness Total Body Makeover to your
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(eBook version -Unfamiliar with eBooks? simply click here)



What I CAN and CAN'T Promise You From

This 30-Day Transformation Course


I get so excited talking about this that I need to take a minute to temper my enthusiasm with a quick disclaimer. I've seen first-hand what can happen in one short of month using these routines and the results are truly amazing. However I am NOT going to "hype" this program...


We've all seen those ads making claims like, "Lose 30 pounds in 30 days" or "Gain 25 pounds of muscle in one month!" You and I both know that's complete bull-you know what!  This is half of the reason why most people are skeptical about ANY program making 30 day claims. 


I'm incredibly EXCITED about seeing you make great gains in the next month, but I'm not going to claim that you'll achieve a certain amount of muscle growth or fat loss because that's really up to you, how well you follow the program and how much effort you put into the program.


I'll give you the information, but the rest is up to you. Follow the instructions and I promise you'll be thrilled with the results... and I'm backing up that promise with...




The A to Z Fitness up to 8 Weeks

"More Than Satisfied" Or it's FREE Guarantee


NOW... Here's what I CAN guarantee you:


  • You WILL get results you can see, feel and measure in the next 30 days ,you will lose fat, gain muscle or both!
  • You WILL be totally satisfied with the quality of the information in the e book
  • You WILL receive a greater variety of perspectives on body fat loss and muscle growth than you could ever receive from any one single source. (This is such a more powerful work than if it were written by only one person).


Your success in using these powerful training and diet programs is completely guaranteed. In fact, here's my 100% up to 8 Weeks "More than satisfied or its FREE" guarantee:


Test-drive All Star Trainer's Secrets to Maximum MUSCLE GAIN & Maximum Fat Loss not just for 30 days but take as long as you want - up to 8 full weeks - to see what these programs will do for you.


If you aren't totally satisfied, I will send you a no-questions asked, no-hassle, 100% complete refund.  


Click here To Buy All Star Trainer's Secrets to Maximum Muscle Gain and Maximum Fat Loss in 30 Days for only $24.99! You can download it immediately and begin using these workouts today!


Still Not Convinced ? See what more then ELEVEN top
professionals have to say About All  Star Trainer's Secrets.



 Download Your Copy Of The 'All Star Trainer's Secrets' E-book
Right Now And You Can Get Started in the Next 5 Minutes...



Do you know what the #1 reason is for why people give up on their quest for a better body? Lack of results!

Now that this information is available, that will never happen to you again! Plateaus will be a thing of the past and constant improvement will be your companion.

Training is a sheer pleasure when you get results quickly. You no longer see your workouts as drudgery or hard labor ?it becomes fun, exhilarating and incredibly rewarding. When you look in the mirror and see your body change week-by-week or even day by day, you'll feel like you're on top of the world! Your success will lead to more success, and you'll put yourself into a self-perpetuating winning cycle.

Don't waste any more of your time. Get started today, and just 30 days from now you will be leaner, more muscular and looking better than you have in years! So don't wait - ORDER NOW!.



Secure No-Risk Acceptance Form

YES! I'm hot to get this amazing material... and I know there's no time to lose. Thanks for the 100% money-back guarantee, too - that takes all the pressure off my decision.

I understand nothing works for 100% of the population, 100% of the time. Anyone who says they have something that does so is being untruthful. Therefore, your order today is backed 100% by the following better than risk-free up to 8 Weeks full money back guarantee:

"If after sincerely giving the All Star Trainers Secrets program a try, you do not find this helpful in losing Fat and/or Gain Muscle - I will give you a full refund of the purchase price - and you can take up to EIGHT FULL weeks to decide."

I understand I'll receive...

  • Maximum Fat Loss and Maximum Muscle Gain!The 157-page "All Star Secrets Vol. I e-book
  • The 127-page "All Star Secrets Vol. II e-book
  • Full Money-Back Guarantee

"All Star Trainer's Secrets " is NOT available in book stores and does not come in a printed version. To keep it affordable, it is only sold as an e-book. There's no shipping and handling charges and you get the e-book and bonuses within minutes after purchase.

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Lewis Wolk,
Founder and President
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PS Remember, this isn't just one month of workouts, it's 15 of the BEST WORKOUTS AND DIET PLANS from 15 of the world's BEST TRAINERS, all compiled under the covers of two e-books. You can come back to these programs whenever you need a shot of fast results, or you can even perform multiple 30-day sequences to BLAST through fat loss plateaus and "CONFUSE" your muscles into growing continuously.


PPS Remember, there is zero risk on your part, and unlike some products, you won't feel pressured into evaluating All Star Trainer's Secrets in just 90 days. Take your time. With my 100% no-risk guarantee, you have a full up to 8 weeks to prove to yourself just how valuable All Star Trainer's Secrets is. If you're not completely thrilled and impressed with All Star Trainer's Secrets and the resources provided , you'll receive every penny of your money back , no questions asked, no strings attached!



IMPORTANT: All Star Trainer's Secrets to Maximum Muscle Gain and Maximum Fat Loss (is in Adobe PDF format) which you download immediately after your order is processed. PDF e-books can be read on any PC or Macintosh computer immediately with no extra software to buy. You'll can download almost instantly and start reading it in minutes from now.

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